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David Perlmutter, MD

Microbiome: A New Frontier in Mental Health

David Perlmutter, MDBestselling Author of Brain Maker

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  • Why the human microbiome is our “newest” organ
  • C-section babies: Increased risk of autoimmune and mental health issues
  • Medications and their impact on our gut microbiome

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44 comments so far - add yours!

  1. Renee says:

    Can I get a bowel transplant at 53

  2. Pam Riggins says:

    Thank you Dr. Perlmutter for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, and expertise.

  3. Josephine Constance says:

    I’ve now listened to three of these very informative interviews. I do have a certain understanding of the relation of mental health and disease to a healthy gut, so I was very excited by all the additional details I learned about. I have a background in several modalities in healing and well being and, having just finished a course in ‘Addictions’ to work with at-risk youth and minorities, I know this will be another tool to assist me in my work. I will have to wait a few weeks to be able to order the 30+ talks, and hope that will be possible. Thanks for an amazing Summit! Jo

  4. Dee Warrener says:

    further to my previous comment, I just continued listening to your video and you state that C-section babies can receive an innoculation of mother’s vaginal bacteria at birth. If I could turn back the clock, I would insist upon it for my two C-section sons, both of whom are suffering physical and mental health issues including obesity, ADHD, digestive probs, etc etc and both of whom tend to discount my health opinions as musings of an old, gullible, under-educated ma – they confuse my poor memory with ignorance and an inability to think logically. Hope they will crack open “Brain Maker” (I am going to buy it for each of them, and myself today), and begin a journey to health.

  5. Dee Warrener says:

    Is there some reason that babies who are born by C-sectiion cannot be given a vaginal bacterial innoculation from the mother, in their mouth and nose as a therapeutic intervention by the attending physician – it probably would not be very time consuming or expensive yet might help to accomplish the microbialial baptism that we now believe is critical to their future well being. I also wonder about the ability of newborns to digest their mothers milk, or to experience breastfeeding as a comforting process rather than one involving gas, pain, fussing and sleeplessness.

  6. Terry says:

    Is anyone else having streaming problems?

  7. Le says:

    Thank you for such wonderful talk. Please give me the name of probiotic that you said it will be on the quiz. Lots of thanks.

  8. Patricia says:

    Thank you Dr. Perlmutter for bringing your expertise to this mind-blowing summit.!!!

  9. Shasha says:

    HI, Great talk! Thanks for all your efforts to help spread the word about how to heal in the natural way!

    MS people are not usually C section people maybe. but mostly Celiac and low oxygen in the brain which causes cells to die and then wbc clean up the debris and make a s scar which doesn’t let electricity travel as well. Yes…MS people would be helped by probiotics since they would help T4 convert to T3 for thyroid hormone and help raise oxygen. MS people may have mitochondria issues due to antibiotics/heavy metals hurting the DNA of mitchondria. People inherit the mitochondria from the mom and she may have had harm to her mitochondria also and maybe low sunlight heritage which allows Celiac and autoimmune issues. Clogged blood vessels due to saturated/monounsaturated fat or inflammation/swelling squeezing off blood vessels or free radical which may cause low antioxidants so Ca plaques in blood vessels. Celiac people’s liver may not detox well. Celiac people …gluten hurts the intestines so nutrients don’t absorb…then cells are not made right to work right and are low in oxygen burning. No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO…vitamins/good oils/minerals…LDN..detoxing…Vit B12 methylcobalamin shot/under the tongue kind, HCl and enzymes with meals, dairy free probiotic when stomach acid is low, zinc, fish oil, Mg, Vit C, coenyzmated B vitamins (far from synthetic B vitamins), multiple vitamins, evening primrose oil, rhodiola, coenyzme Q10, Vit D3, sunlight, organic, good water, exercise and more may help MS. Use it or lose it. Exercise may help make more neurons and help bones/muscles. Vit B12 methylcobalamin may help remyelinate the brain and raise oxygen and help with stress. Stress may use up B vitamins and zinc. MS people can heal, but hidden gluten may hurt. LDN may help block hidden gluten and heal the gut lining. LDN may help 99% of MS people.

    Depression/anxiety/obsessing/panic/no sleep/suicidal thoughts maybe due to low oxygen in the brain. Antidepression medicine with F may block thyroid and lower oxygen making depression worse and suicidal thoughts increase.
    MS people may also eventually get Lyme since they may be Celiac which lowers the immune sytem. Lyme/antibiotics/coinfections may lower oxygen and hurt the mitochondria, lower Mg/Fe/Mn and more. Heavy metals may hurt mitochondria. EDTA/DMPS IV chelations may help remove heavy metals and unclog blood vessels and help MS. Far Infrared Sauna may also help detox.

    Alzheimer’s/ALS may have Lyme/heavy metals/Celiac/low thyroid (no go by tests)/low *** hormones/need probiotic and detoxing/low vitamins/good oils/minerals and more. Celiac plays out different in each person. When they are low in nutrients the body/brain may malfunction differently in each person.

    Celiac/Lyme/antibiotics may cause leaky gut.

    Autism maybe Celiac..no gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO/Roundup/Agent orange/pesticides/chemicals/vaccines/heavy metals…taking probiotics/detoxing…vitamins/good oils/minerals/Celiac diet/sunlight and more may help.

    FDA stop all fecal transplants? Best probiotics to take? Yes…good bacteria help multiple/make B vitamins and help thyroid hormone to T3 which raises oxygen.

    Whole family trees may be Celiac.

    Yes…our soil/body need microorganisms. Killing them always is not good.

    Th1 and Th2 immune system balance may affect health.

    Diabetes maybe due to Celiac…good bacteria may eat up the excess sugar and help.

    Hurting the liver with artifical sweeteners is not good and yes people may eat more…did not lose their sweet tooth and may get water weight on them.

    When is the best time to take a probiotic?

    A probiotic may multiply B vitamins and help stress more that uses up B vitamins and zinc.

    Inflammation diet…to me Celiac/Paleo diet. Vegetables are food for good bacteria. Sugar may swell people. Fermented vegetables….are hard for me to eat maybe too much of a shock to my system, but are needed.

    Thanks for your awesome help!

  10. JUDY says:

    Wonderful-wonderful Information!!!!Thanks Dr. Perlmuter!!
    Can you find a new Bacteria that will effect-Open the Archaic-minds of the Conventional MD’s population???…(or it will takes another 100 years until “They will see the LIGHT??”…

    • Donovan says:

      It’s called group Meditation. That is how we can raise Consciousness. Nutrition is imp but its not everything. We already know that when a large group meditates in a city, crime during and slightly after that period goes does. It helps the area be more conscious. I attend weekly Wordlwide meditations at http://www.BuddhaMaitreya.org

  11. KATHERINE says:

    Very informative. Loved it.

  12. susan downs says:

    for you UK folks (where I stay part time), check out Miguel Toribio-Mateas. He focuses on bringing these concepts and functional medicine to the UK. It is not mainstream in the US either, and we have to constantly educate our physicians some of whom refuse to listen (They don’t throw me out of the room because I am also an MD.) Also, check out www. SVHI.com where we have montly livestreamed videos on these topics with ten years of archived videos (Silicon Valley Health Institute)

  13. Ma says:

    Have to be careful not to imply causality with correlational studies. Yes, there is a correlation of poor gut health with ADHD/ADD and autistic kids and teens, but will cleaning up the gut change cognitive capacity or processing styles? We have to be careful here. Absolutely, diet needs to be cleaned up, as junk food and high sugar have too long been a norm in NA.
    Would like to hear more about how gut bacterial DNA changes our own….thats a big claim! If that statement is true, it blows a whole into genetic profiles.

  14. Carol says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this valuable and encouraging information.

  15. Helena says:

    Great talk with in depth information about the importance of gut health and brain function.

  16. Ann Petersen says:

    I was very fortunate to have a maverick doctor way back in the eighties who helped me get off psychotropics and recover from bipolar disorder. I ate the candida albicans diet (mostly gluten free by default, low carb, unprocessed food—lots of veggies) and I rebuilt my beneficial gut flora, got all my mercury amalgam fillings removed and trained very hard physically as a firefighter. All those things helped me recover from bipolar disorder once and for all. My last manic episode was in 1985!

  17. Sharon says:

    As an LPN of many years and one who holds a BA in psychology, I was blown away about the how the gut bacteria plays a role in many diseases. I have cared for the elderly who were diagnosed with many of the diseases that you mentioned. I also found your discussion about babies born via C-sections interesting, as my two children had to be delivered in this manner. I will be visiting your website for more information, and I will be reading your books, as well!

  18. Wayne Meierdiercks says:

    Thank you Dr. Pearlmutter for your leading edge info that can help heal so many conditions. I have MS and Trigeminal Neuralgia. I have been on a Paleo diet and following Functional Medicine principles for almost two years. Doing as you said has increased my functionality and eliminated my brain fog. Listening to your presentation and reading your books helps keep me on track. Thank you. It is up to all of us to take personal responsibility for our health, research what we need, learn what to do and do it.

  19. Ant says:

    anyone go to a DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) Conference back in 2003 or 04? Pretty sure this was a big subject of conversation all 3 days of presentations…. very interesting stuff indeed! Thanks for putting the message out there!

  20. Ant says:

    anyone go to a DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) Confernce back in 2003 or 04? Pretty sure this was a big subject of conversation all 3 days of presentations….

  21. syd says:

    He’s always super informative. Cutting edge stuff – very exciting.

  22. Pauline says:

    Fantastic talk as always!! Is the blood test for LPS available in Ontario? Is there a definitive test for leaky gut?

  23. Judy E. says:

    Thank you for your always informative talk. I live in the UK. As for getting medical professionals to work together for continuity of care, fat chance. Between their busy schedule, medical restrictions and personal egos I can only take it upon myself to research and put into practise what I need.

    • Anne says:

      Hi Judy,
      I am also in the UK and agree with your comment wholeheartedly. Yes, its impossible here in UK. Personal egos of doctors is No. 1 – they are not interested to learn from their patients – its drugs or nothing. We have to make this change. Thank you Dr Perlmutter – as always so beautifully delivered, so much information. Sadly my two children born by C- section and at the convenience of doctors – I didn’t want them but threats and pressure made me take this option over 20 years ago. The connection with C section and auto-immunity is real – I can confirm that !

  24. DebS says:

    Great, informative presentation. Thank you!

  25. Ragan says:

    I have suffered for years from unexplained fatigue, chronic aches pains and western medicine always attributed it to “life circumstances”. I have been on various anti-depressants/anti-anxiety meds only to become frustrated because they did not appear to be working.

    Since I started learning more about gut health, I am constantly amazed at how many of life’s problems/illnesses can be directly related to the condition of your gastrointestinal tract. I was TEXTBOOK poor gut health, yet that was never discussed by my physicians. I have found a product that is working EXCELLENT for me. I am happy to report that I have found some natural supplements, including a daily probiotic that has completely changed my life.

    Dr. Perlmutters book was a great read and I highly recommend it to everyone.

    Be Well!

  26. Beverly Blacksher says:

    Thank you Dr. Perlmutter – from Grain Brain to adopting low carb/high fat diet, I’m convinced with the beneficial effects of your research. However your message raises new concerns, namely, my daughter who was delivered by C-section, now age 37, mostly healthy – i.e., occasional biking, swimming, yoga – but anxiety problems – (sometimes loss of consciousness) . . . She’s successfully employed as an architect, but severely overworked, sleep-deprived . . . . She has started taking probiotics, but unsure about what more to do to regain mental stamina. She wants to see a psychiatrist; meanwhile as her mother, I offer suggestions, but as an adult, she needs medical advice specific for her condition. Your comments would be most appreciated. Thank you for any response you can offer.

  27. Beverly Blacksher says:

    Thank you Dr. Perlmutter – from Grain Brain to adopting low carb/high fat diet, I’m convinced with the beneficial effects of your research. However your message raises new concerns, namely, my daughter who was delivered by C-section, now age 37, mostly healthy – i.e., occasional biking, swimming, yoga – but anxiety problems – (sometimes loss of consciousness) . . . She’s successfully employed as an architect, but severely overworked, sleep-deprived . . . . She has started taking probiotics, but unsure about what more to do to regain mental stamina. She wants to see a psychiatrist; meanwhile as her mother, I offer suggestions, but as an adult, she needs medical advice for specific for her condition. Your comments would be most appreciated. Thank you for any response you can offer.

  28. Sabeel says:

    Interesting talk, I am particularly interested in knowing how long the beneficial effects of probiotics last? For example how long the Autistic kids was free of autistic symptoms or Diabetics were healthy while on probiotics. How soon the point of diminishing returns reached?

  29. Eileen says:

    thank you, going to get some good probiotics asap,

  30. Melanie says:

    I guess Dr. Perlmutter forgot to add a last sentence, saying that ditching all grains should also be a part of a healthy lifestyle. From reading his Grain-Brain book and from my personal experience this is a highly important point. This interview finally lit a light-bulb for me: I have been living with a constant but light depression since I was a kid and never could explain the why to myself. Lately I found out that I can not tolerate gluten or any grains for that matter. Fighting the weight desperately for all my life, having my thyroid severely underperform, depression, brain fog …..all this started in my early years with dairy products and grains destroying my gut (and surely the gut of many of my loved ones, who just led the same typical lifestyle). So sad these conclusions came to me only at 46 – but still, better today than Tomorrow. I’ll make the most out of them. One remark: I am choosing the high fruit-approach since fruits are the perfect food for humans. But totally leaving out of the diet any type of processed sugars or starches

  31. Debbie Hampton says:

    Very enlightening talk. As the current and coming generations experience an onslaught of neurological challenges, everyone needs to consider how their microbiome is affecting their health. Your advice to professionals to stay open to new information and procedures is spot on.

    I had a serious brain injury and traditional medicine had nothing to offer me – not even much hope. I learned about my brain, deveoped my own neuroplasticity-dependent exercises, ate a brain-friendly diet which supported my microbiome, and adopted other lifestyle practices that supported my brain, like meditation and exercise. I healed completely.

    Thank you for continuing to raise awareness that we can greatly impact our own health.

    • Dan says:

      Great summit… Debbie, it’s wonderful to hear you were able to recover completely from your challenge… It seems like you have incorporated everything presented at this summit… Do you feel that anything may have been the real key to your recovery… What was your brain friendly diet? Were you conscious of “limiting yourself” significantly or did you relax into it and simply say I will practice very healthy eating not stress about every detail? I’m wondering if meditation helped calm you with this as well, as I have been starting to think that fear about being “perfect” with diet may inhibit healing… Fear of anything may be the biggest limiting factor… What were your neuroplasticity exercises? Meditation practice?
      This summit is real enlightening… Ross, congratulations on your success… I have taken yoga class taught by your sister Laura… A few years ago, in answer to some of my inquiries on how to heal the body from neurological challenge, she shared how you were healing yourself… It is great to see you presenting all this great information… Thank you…

      • Donovan says:

        Dan, I have been a meditatory myself for 15 years, and the best, most helpful thing I have found is the meditation “Tools” made by Buddha Maitreya the Christ… This, of, course, works *along with* with great nutrition and healthy lifestyle. More at http://www.ShambhalaHealingTools.com. the “Planetary OM Meditation” there is also excellent. It’s the most helpful practice I’ve done.

  32. Sue Flanagan says:

    I havek members of my family whom i think will profit from the presentation.

  33. suevogan, pnm says:

    “Don’t be down on what you’re not up with” — something that all of us should remember in whatever we are dealing with. Now, if we can get the medical professionals together as ONE and embrace DO’s, MD’s, NDs, etc. Nice interview — as always with David.

    • debbie says:

      I totally agree with the other responder. How do we get all of the different practitioners to work together. Until there is more “continuity of care”, people will not get the care needed. Education is paramount and I look forward to the day when we have all the medical specialists working together. Thanks for the summit.

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